Selling the Crown: the Secret History of Marketing Rolex

a book by Brendan M. Cunningham, PhD

During World War 2, a new front opened in the battle between the Axis and Allied powers: propaganda. Little-known archival records reveal that in the postwar period, British veterans of covert warfare used marketing to lay the foundation for one of history’s most valuable brands: Rolex. This is their story.

The book is now available on Amazon, click here. It premiered as the bestselling new release in its category!

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About the author
Brendan Cunningham has published numerous articles on the luxury watch industry, including contributions to Quill + Pad, Time + Tide Watches, Rescapement, The Collective (EWC) and his blog Horolonomics. He has been a professor of economics for over 20 years. In that role he has published extensively in the fields of industrial organization and media economics.

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